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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Babe, Babs Latin familiar forms of Barbara
Bailey English bailiff
Barbara Latin stranger, foreigner
Basia Hebrew daughter of God
Beatrice Latin blessed, happy, bringer of joy
Becca Hebrew short form of Rebecca
Becky American familiar form of Rebecca
Bedelia Irish alternate form of Bridget
Belicia Spanish dedicated to God
Belinda Spanish beautiful
Bella Latin beautiful
Belle French beautiful
Benedicta Latin blessed
Benita Spanish form of Benedicta
Berget Irish alternate form of Bridget
Bernadette French form of Bernadine
Bernadine German, English brave as a bear
Bernice Greek bringer of victory
Bertha German bright, illustrious, brilliant ruler
Bertina English bright, shining
Beryl Greek sea green jewel
Beth Hebrew, Aramaic house of God, short form of Bethany or Elizabeth
Bethany Aramaic house of figs
Betsy American familiar form of Elizabeth
Bette French form of Betty
Betty Hebrew consecrated to God
Beulah Hebrew married
Beverly English beaver field
Bianca Italian white
Bibi Latin, Arabic lively, lady
Blair Scottish plains dweller
Blaise French one who stammers
Blake English dark
Blanca Italian alternate form of Bianca
Blanche French form of Bianca
Bliss English blissful, joyful
Blondie American blond
Blossom English flower
Blythe English happy, cheerful
Bonita Spanish pretty
Bonnie, Bonny English, Scottish beautiful, pretty
Brandi Dutch alternate form of Brandy
Brandy Dutch after dinner drink made from distilled wine
Breana Irish alternate form of Briana
Breann Irish alternate form of Briana
Breck Irish freckled
Bree Irish short form of Breann
Breena Irish fairy palace
Brenda Irish, English little raven, sword
Brenna Irish alternate form of Brenda
Brett Irish short form of Brittany
Briana, Brianna Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Brianne Irish alternate form of Briana
Bridget Irish strong
Bridgette Irish alternate form of Bridget
Brie French type of cheese
Brigitte French form of Bridget
Brina Latin forms of Sabrina or Briana
Briona Irish alternate form of Briana
Brisa Spanish beloved
Brita Irish, English alternate form of Bridget or Brittany
Britaney English alternate form of Britany or Brittany
Britney English alternate form of Britany or Brittany
Britany, Brittany English from Britain
Britin, Brittin English from Britain
Bronwyn Welsh white breasted
Brooke English brook, stream
Bryanna Irish alternate form of Briana
Bryn, Brynn Latin, Welsh from the boundary line, mound
Bryttany English alternate form of Britany or Brittany
Burgundy French hearty red wine

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