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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Cachet French prestigious, desirous
Cady English alternate form of Kady
Caeley, Cailey American alternate forms of Kaylee or Kelly
Cailin American form of Caitlin
Caitlin Irish pure
Caitlyn Irish alternate form of Caitlin
Cala Arabic castle, fortress
Calandra Greek lark
Caleigh, Caley American alternate forms of Caeley
Callie Greek, Arabic familiar form of Cala or Callista
Callista Greek most beautiful
Camellia Italian evergreen tree or shrub
Cameron Scottish crooked nose
Cami French short form of Camille
Camilla Italian form of Camille
Camille French young ceremonial attendant
Candace Greek glittering white, glowing
Candi, Candy American familiar forms of Candace, Candice or Candida
Candice Greek alternate form of Candace
Candida Latin bright white
Candra Latin glowing
Capri Italian short form of Caprice
Caprice Italian fanciful
Cara Latin, Irish dear, friend
Carey Welsh familiar form of Cara or Caroline
Cari, Carie Welsh alternate forms of Carey or Kari
Carina Greek, Italian, Swedish familiar form of Cora, dear little one, form of Karen
Carissa Greek beloved
Carita Latin charitable
Carla Latin, German, English alternate form of Carol or Caroline, farmer, strong and womanly
Carlee, Carley English alternate forms of Carly
Carlene English form of Caroline
Carli, Carlie English alternate form sof Carly
Carlin Latin short form of Caroline
Carlotta Italian form of Charlotte
Carly English familiar form of Caroline or Charlotte
Carmela Hebrew garden, vineyard
Carmen Latin song
Carol German, French, English farmer, song of joy, strong and womanly
Carole English alternate form of Carol
Carolina Italian form of Caroline
Caroline French little and womanly
Carolyn English form of Caroline
Caron Welsh loving, kind hearted, charitable
Carrie English familiar form of Carol or Caroline
Carson English, American Son of Carr, City in Nevada
Caryn Danish form of Karen
Casey Greek, Irish familiar form of Acacia, brave
Casie Irish alternate form of Casey
Cassandra Greek helper of men
Cassia Greek spicy cinnamon
Cassidy Irish clever
Catalina Spanish form of Catherine
Catherine Greek, English pure, form of Katherine
Cathleen Irish form of Catherine
Cathrine, Cathryn Greek alternate forms of Catherine
Catrina Slavic form of Catherine or Katrina
Cayla Hebrew alternate form of Kayla
Cecilia Latin blind
Celena Greek alternate form of Selena
Celeste Latin celestial, heavenly
Celia Latin short form of Cecilia
Celina Greek alternate form of Celena
Celine Greek alternate form of Celena
Cerise French cherry, cherry red
Chablis French dry, white wine
Chakra Sanskrit circle of energy
Chalice French goblet
Chanda Sanskrit great goddess
Chandelle French candle
Chandra Sanskrit moon
Chanel English channel
Chantal French song
Chantilly French fine lace
Chantrice French singer
Chardonnay French dry white wine
Charissa Greek form of Charity
Charity Latin charity, kindness
Charla French, English short form of Charlene or Charlotte
Charlaine English alternate form of Charlene
Charlene English little and womanly
Charlie German, English strong and womanly
Charlotte French little and womanly
Charmaine French form of Carmen
Charo Spanish familiar form of Rosa
Chastity Latin pure
Chelsea English seaport
Chelsey English alternate form of Chelsea
Cher French beloved, dearest
Cheri, Cherie French familiar forms of Cher
Cherise French form of Cherish
Cherish English dearly held, precious
Cheryl French beloved
Chesna Slavic peaceful
Chiquita Spanish little one
Chloe Greek blooming, verdant
Chloris Greek pale
Chrissa Greek short form of Christina
Christa German short form of Christina
Christal Latin, Scottish alternate form of Crystal or Christina
Christen, Christin Greek short forms of Christina or Christine
Christian, Christiana Greek alternate forms of Christina
Christina Greek Christian, anointed
Christine French, English form of Christina
Ciara, Cierra Irish black, form of Sierra
Claire French form of Clara
Clara Latin clear, bright
Clarabelle Latin bright and beautiful
Clare English form of Clara
Clarissa Greek, Italian brilliant, form of Clara
Claudia Latin lame
Clementine Latin merciful
Cleopatra Greek her father's fame
Clio Greek proclaimer, glorifier
Codi, Cody English cushion
Colby English coal town
Colette Greek, French familiar form of Nicole
Colleen Irish girl
Concetta Italian pure
Conchita Spanish conception
Concordia Latin harmonious
Connie Latin familiar form of Constance
Constance Latin constant, firm
Consuelo Spanish consolation
Cora Greek maiden
Corazon Spanish heart
Cordelia Latin, Welsh warm hearted, sea jewel
Corey, Cory Greek, Irish familiar forms of Cora, from the hollow
Corina, Corinna Greek familiar forms of Corinne
Corinne Greek maiden
Corissa Greek familiar form of Cora
Cornelia Latin horn colored
Cortney English alternate form of Courtney
Courtney English from the court
Crista Italian form of Christa
Cristina Greek alternate form of Christina
Crystal Latin clear, brilliant glass
Cynthia Greek moon

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