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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Dacey Greek, Irish familiar form of Candace, southerner
Dahlia Scandinavian valley
Daisy English day's eve
Dale English valley
Daliah Hebrew branch
Dalila Swahili gentle
Dallas Irish wise
Damaris Greek gentle girl
Damica French friendly
Dana English from Denmark, bright as day
Daneil Hebrew alternate form of Danielle
Danelle Hebrew alternate from of Danielle
Danette American form of Danielle
Dania, Danya Hebrew short forms of Danielle
Danica, Danika Hebrew, Slavic alternate forms of Danielle, morning star
Daniella Italian form of Danielle
Danielle Hebrew, French God is my judge
Daphne Greek laurel tree
Dara Hebrew compassionate
Darby Irish, Scandinavian free, deer estate
Darci, Darcy Irish, French dark, fortress
Daria Greek wealthy
Darielle French alternate form of Daryl
Darla English short form of Darlene
Darlene French little darling
Darnelle Irish alternate form of Daron
Daron Irish great
Daryl French, English short form of Darlene, beloved
Davida Hebrew beloved
Davina Scottish form of Davida
Dawn English sunrise, dawn
Dawna English alternate form of Dawn
Deana Latin, English divine, valley
Deanna Latin alternate form of Deana or Diana
Deanne Latin alternate form of Diane
Debbie Hebrew short form of Deborah
Deborah Hebrew bee
Debra American short form of Deborah
Dee Welsh black, dark
Deena American form of Deana, Dena or Dinah
Deidra, Deidre Irish alternate forms of Deirdre
Deirdre Irish sorrowful, wanderer
Deitra Greek short form of Demetria
Delana German noble protector
Delaney Irish, English descendant of the challenger, alternate form of Adeline
Delia Greek, German, Welsh visible, from Delos, short form of Adelaide
Delicia English delightful
Delilah Hebrew brooder
Delores Spanish alternate form of Dolores
Demetria Greek cover of the earth
Demi Greek, French short form of Demetria, half
Dena Hebrew, English alternate form of Dinah, valley
Denise French follower of Dionysus, god of wine
Derika German ruler of the people
Derry Irish redhead
Desi French short form of Desiree
Desiree French desired, longed for
Desrene French Alternative form of Desiree
Destiny French fate
Deva Hindi divine
Devin Irish poet
Devon English short form of Devonna
Devonna English from Devonshire
Diana Latin divine
Diane Latin alternate form of Diana
Dina Hebrew short form of Dinah
Dinah Hebrew vindicated
Dionne Greek divine queen
Dior French golden
Dixie French, English tenth, wall, dike
Dolly American short form of Dolores or Dorothy
Dolores Spanish sorrowful
Dominica Latin belonging to the Lord
Dominique French form of Dominica
Dona Italian alternate form of Donna
Donata Latin gift
Donna Italian lady
Dora Greek gift
Doreen Greek, Irish, French alternate form of Dora, moody, sullen, golden
Dori, Dory American familiar forms of Dora, Doris or Dorothy
Doria Greek from Doris, Greece
Doris Greek sea
Dorothea Greek alternate form of Dorothy
Dorothy Greek gift of God
Dotty Greek familiar forms of Dorothy
Drew Greek, Latin courageous, strong, short form of Drusilla
Drusilla Latin descendant of Drusus, the strong one
Dulcie Latin, Spanish sweet, short form of Dulcinea
Dulcinea Spanish sweet
Dustine German, English valiant fighter, brown rock, quarry

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