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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Earlene Irish, English pledge, noblewoman
Easter English Easter time
Ebony Greek hard, dark wood
Edana Irish ardent, flame
Eden Babylonia, Hebrew plain, delightful
Edie English familiar form of Edith
Edith English rich gift
Edna Hebrew rejuvenation
Edwina English prosperous friend
Effie Greek, English spoken well of, short form of Alfreda
Eileen Irish form of Helen
Elaine French form of Helen
Elana Greek short form of Eleanor
Eleanor Greek light, alternate form of Helen
Eleanora Greek alternate form of Eleanor
Elena Greek, Italian alternate form of Eleanor or Helen
Eliana Hebrew my God has answered me
Elicia Hebrew alternate form of Elisha
Elisa Spanish, Italian, English short form of Elizabeth
Elise French, English short form of Elizabeth
Elisha Greek alternate form of Alisha
Elissa, Elyssa Greek, English forms of Elizabeth or Melissa
Eliza Hebrew short form of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Hebrew consecrated to God
Elke German alternate form of Adelaide or Alice
Ella Greek, English short form of Eleanor, elfin, beautiful fairy woman
Ellen English form of Eleanor or Helen
Elsa Hebrew, German short form of Elizabeth, noble
Elva English elfin
Elvira Latin, German, Spanish white, blond, closed up, elfin
Elyse English form of Elizabeth
Elysia Latin sweet blissful
Elyssa English form of Elizabeth
Emilee, Emilie English forms of Emily
Emily Latin, German flatterer, industrious
Emma German short form of Emily
Emmaline French form of Emily
Emmanuelle Hebrew God is with us
Enid Welsh life, spirit
Eric Scandinavian, English ruler of all, brave ruler
Erin Irish peace
Erma Latin short form of Ermine
Ermine Latin, German noble, soldier
Ernestine English earnest, sincere
Eryn Irish alternate form of Erin
Esmeralda Greek, Spanish form of Emeral
Esperanza Spanish hope
Estee English short form of Estelle or Esther
Estelle French form of Esther
Esther Persian star
Ethel English noble
Etta German, English little, short form of Henrietta
Eudora Greek honored gift
Eugenia Greek born to nobility
Eunice Greek happy, victorious
Eustacia Greek, Latin productive, stable calm
Eva Greek short form of Evangelina
Evaline French form of Evelyn
Evangelina Greek bearer of good news
Eve Hebrew life
Evelyn English hazelnut
Evette French alternate form of Yvette

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