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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Kacey, Kacy Irish brave
Kaci, Kacie American alternate forms of Kacey or Kacy
Kacia Greek short form of Acacia
Kaela Hebrew, Arabic beloved sweetheart
Kaila Hebrew laurel, crown
Kailee, Kailey American forms of Kaila
Kaitlin Irish pure
Kaitlyn Irish alternate form of Caitlyn
Kalea Hawaiian bright, clear
Kalena Hawaiian pure
Kalila Arabic beloved, sweetheart
Kalinda Hindi sun
Kalyn American alternate form of Kaylyn
Kama Sanskrit loved one
Kameron American form of Cameron
Kane Japanese two right hands
Kanya Hindi, Thai virgin, young lady
Kara Greek, Danish pure
Karen Greek pure
Karina Russian form of Karen
Karis Greek graceful
Karissa Greek alternate form of Carissa
Karla German, Slavic alternate form of Carla or Karoline
Karma Hindi fate, destiny, action
Karyn American form of Karen
Kasey, Kasie Irish, American brave, form of Casey or Kacey
Kassandra Greek alternate form of Cassandra
Kassidy Irish, American clever, alternate form of Cassidy
Kate Greek, English pure, short form of Katherine
Katelin, Katelyn Irish alternate forms of Caitlin
Katharine Greek alternate form of Katherine
Katherine Greek pure
Kathi, Kathy English familiar forms of Katherine or Kathleen
Kathleen Irish form of Katherine
Kathryn English form of Katherine
Kati Estonian form of Kate
Katie English familiar form of Kate
Katlyn Greek, Irish pure, alternate form of Katelin
Katrina German form of Katherin
Katy English familiar form of Kate
Kay Greek, Latin rejoicer, merry
Kayla Arabic, Hebrew laurel, crown
Kayleen, Kaylene Hebrew beloved, sweetheart
Kayleigh American alternate form of Kaylee
Keara Irish dark, black
Keeley, Keely Irish alternate forms of Kelly
Keena Irish brave
Keira Irish alternate form of Kiara
Keisha American short form of Keneisha
Kelley Irish alternate form of Kelly
Kelly Irish brave warrior
Kelsey Scottish, Scandinavian ship island
Kenda English, Dakota water baby, magical power
Kendall English ruler of the valley
Kendra English alternate form of Kenda
Kenya Hebrew animal horne
Kenzie Scottish, Irish light skinned, short form of Mackenzie
Kerry Irish dark haired
Kerstin Scandinavian alternate form of Kirsten
Kia African season's begining
Kiara Irish little and dark
Kiele Hawaiian gardenia, fragrant blossom
Kiera, Kierra Irish alternate forms of Kerry
Kiku Japanese chrysanthemum
Kiley Irish attractive, from the straits
Kim Vietnamese, English needle, short form of Kimberly
Kimana Shoshone butterfly
Kimberly English chief, ruler
Kinsey English offspring, relative
Kioko Japanese happy child
Kiona Native American brown hills
Kira Persian, Latin sun, light
Kirsta Scandinavian alternate form of Kirsten
Kirsten Greek Christian, anointed
Kirstin Scandinavian alternate form of Kirsten
Klarissa German clear, bright
Kortney English alternate form of Courtney
Kourtney American form of Courtney
Kris American short form of Kristine
Krista Czech form of Christina
Kristen Greek Christian, anointed
Kristin Scandinavian alternate form of Kristen
Kristina Greek, Scandinavian Christian, anointed
Krystal Amerian clear, brilliant glass
Krystin Czech form of Kristen
Krystle American alternate form of Krystal
Kyla Irish, Yiddish attractive, crown, laurel
Kyle Irish attractive
Kylee Irish familiar form of Kyle
Kymberly English alternate form of Kimberly
Kyra Greek ladylike

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