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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Lacey, Lacy Greek, Latin familiar form of Larissa, cheerful
Laci, Lacie Latin alternate forms of Lacey
Lacrecia Latin alternate form of Lucretia
Lada Russian goddess of beauty
Laela Arabic, Hebrew alternate form of Leila
Laila Arabic alternate form of Leila
Laine French short form of Elaine
Lakia Arabic found treasure
Lakresha American form of Lucretia
Lallie English babbler
Lana Latin, Irish woolly, attractive, peaceful
Lane English narrow road
Lani Hawaiian sky, heaven, short form of Leilani
Lara Greek, Latin cheerful, shining, famous
Laraine Latin alternate form of Lorraine
Larina Greek seagull
Larissa Greek cheerful
Lark English skylark
Lateefah Arabic, Hebrew pleasant, pat, caress
Latesha American form of Letitia
Latisha Latin joy, alternate form of Leticia
Laura Latin crowned with laurel
Laurel Latin laurel tree
Lauren English form of Laura
Laurie English familiar form of Laura
Laverne Latin, French springtime, grove of alder trees
Lavina Latin purified, woman of Rome
Layla Hebrew, Arabic alternate form of Leila
Leah Hebrew weary
Leala French faithful, loyal
Lean, Leanne English forms of Leeann or Lian
Leandra Latin like a lioness
Leanna English alternate form of Liana
Leanore Greek, English alternate form of Eleanor or Helen
Lecia Latin short form of Felecia
Leda Greek lady
Lee Chinese, Irish, English plum, poetic, meadow
Leeann, Leeanne English combination of Lee and Ann
Lei Hawaiian familiar form of Leilani
Leigh English alternate form of Lee
Leila Hebrew, Arabic dark beauty, night, born at night
Leilani Hawaiian heavenly flower, heavenly child
Lelia Greek fair speech
Lena Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Norwegian short form of Eleanor, dwelling or lodging, temptress, illustrious
Lenita Latin gentle
Leona German brave as a lioness
Leonore Greek alternate form of Eleanor
Leontine Latin like a lioness
Leora Greek, Hebrew familiar form of Eleanor, light
Lera Russian short form of Valerie
Lesley Scottish gray fortress
Leslie Scottish alternate form of Lesley
Leta Latin, Swahili glad, bringer
Leticia Latin joy
Levana Hebrew, Latin moon, white, risen
Levina Latin flash of lightning
Levona Hebrew spice, incense
Lexi Greek familiar form of Alexandra
Leya Spanish loyal
Lia Greek, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian bringer of good news, dependent
Lian Chinese, Latin graceful willow, short form of Gillian or Lillian
Liana Latin, French, English youth, bound, wrapped up, tree covered with vines, meadow
Liane, Lianne English forms of Lian
Liberty Latin free
Lida Greek, Latin, Slavic short form of Alida or Elita, loved by people
Lidia Greek alternate form of Lydia
Lien Chinese lotus
Lila Arabic, Hindi, Persian night, free will of God, lilac
Lilith Arabic of the night, night demon
Lillian Latin lily flower
Lily Latin, Arabic familiar form of Lilith or Lillian
Lin Chinese beautiful jade
Lina Greek, Latin, Arabic light, alternate form of Lena, tender
Linda Spanish pretty
Lindsay English alternate form of Lindsey
Lindsey English linden tree island, camp near the stream
Linette Welsh, French idol, bird
Linnea Scandinavian lime tree
Linsey English alternate form of Lindsey
Liora Hebrew light
Lisa Hebrew consecrated to God
Lise German form of Lisa
Lisette French, English form of Lisa, Elise or Elizabeth
Lisha Hebrew, Arabic short form of Alisha or Elisha, darkness before midnight
Lissa Greek honey bee
Livia Hebrew, Latin crown, olive
Lois German famous warrior
Lola Spanish familiar form of Carlota, Dolores or Louise
Lolita Spanish sorrowful
Lona Latin, German, English lioness, short form of Leona, solitary
Loni American form of Lona
Lora Latin crowned with laurel
Lorelei German alluring
Loren American alternate form of Lauren
Lorena English alternate form of Lauren or Loren
Loretta English familiar form of Laura
Lori Latin crowned with laurel
Loris Latin, Dutch thong, clown
Lorna Latin crowned with laurel
Lorraine Latin, French sorrowful, from Lorraine
Louisa English familiar form of Louise
Louise German famous warrior
Luann Hebrew, German, Hawaiian graceful woman warrior, happy, relaxed
Lucerne Latin lamp, circle of light
Lucia Italian, Spanish form of Lucy
Lucie French form of Lucy
Lucille English form of Lucy
Lucinda Latin form of Lucy
Lucine Basque, Arabic form of Lucy, moon
Lucretia Latin rich, rewarded
Lucy Latin light, bringer of light
Ludmilla Slavic loved by the people
Luella German, English familiar form of Louise, elf
Luisa Spanish form of Louisa
Lulani Polynesian highest point of heaven
Luna Latin moon
Lupe Latin wolf
Lurlene German, Scandinavian form of Lorelei, war horn
Luz Spanish light
Lycoris Greek twilight
Lydia Greek from Lydia, ancient land once ruled by Midas
Lyla French island
Lynda Spanish pretty
Lyndsay American form of Lindsay
Lynell English pretty
Lynette Welsh, French idol, form of Lynn
Lynn, Lynne English waterfall, pool below a waterfall
Lynsey American alternate form of Lyndsey
Lyra Greek lyre player
Lysandra Greek liberator

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