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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Mabel Irish lovable
Mackenzie Irish daughter of the wise leader, son of Kenzie
Madeleine French form of Madeline
Madeline Greek high tower
Madelyn Greek alternate form of Madeline
Madge Greek familiar form of Madeline or Margaret
Madison English good
Madonna Latin my lady
Madrona Spanish mother
Maegan Irish alternate form of Megan
Maeko Japanese honest child
Maeve Irish joyous
Magdalen Greek high tower
Maggie Greek, English pearl, familiar form of Margaret
Mahogony Spanish rich, strong
Mai Japanese, Vietnamese, Navajo brightness, flower, coyote
Maia Greek, English mother, nurse, kinswoman, maiden
Maida Greek, English short form of Madeline, maiden
Makala Hawaiian myrtle
Malana Hawaiian bouyant, light
Malaya Filipino free
Malha Hebrew queen
Malina Hebrew, Native American tower, soothing
Malinda Greek alternate form of Melinda
Malissa Greek alternate form of Melissa
Mallorie French alternate form of Mallory
Mallory German, French army counselor, unlucky
Mandara Hindi calm
Manon French familiar form of Marie
Marcella Latin martial, warlike
Marcena Latin alternate form of Marcella or Marcia
Marci, Marcie English familiar forms of Marcella or Marcia
Marcia Latin martial, warlike
Mardi French born on Tuesday
Maren Latin, Aramaic sea, form of Mary
Margaret Greek pearl
Margarita Italian, Spanish form of Margaret
Margo, Margot French forms of Margaret
Marguerite French form of Margaret
Maria Hebrew, Italian, Spanish bitter, sea of bitterness, form of Mary
Mariah Hebrew alternate form of Mary
Maribel French beautiful
Marie French form of Mary
Mariel German, Dutch form of Mary
Marilyn Hebrew Mary's line or descendants
Marion French form of Mary
Maris Latin sea
Marisa Latin sea
Marisha Russian form of Mary
Marisol Spanish sunny sea
Marissa Latin alternate form of Maris or Marisa
Maritza Arabic blessed
Mariyan Arabic purity
Marjolaine French marjoram
Marjorie Greek, Scottish form of Margaret or Mary
Markita Czech form of Margaret
Marla English short form of Marlena or Marlene
Marlee English form of Marlene
Marlena German from of Marlene
Marlene Greek, Slavic high tower, form of Magdalen
Marnie Hebrew short form of Marnina
Marnina Hebrew rejoice
Marquita Spanish form of Marcia
Marta English short form of Martha or Martina
Martha Aramaic lady, sorrowful
Marti English familiar form of Martha or Martina
Martina Latin martial, warlike
Marvella French marvelous
Mary Hebrew bitter, sea of bitterness
Marya Arabic purity, bright whiteness
Mathena Hebrew gift of God
Matilda German powerful battler
Maud, Maude English short forms of Madeline or Matilda
Maura Irish dark
Maureen French, Irish dark, form of Mary
Maurelle French dark, elfin
Maurise French dark skinned, moor, marshland
Mauve French violet colored
Mavis French song thrush bird
Maxine Latin greatest
May Latin, Arabic, English great, discerning, flower, month of May
Maya Hindi, Greek, Latin God's creative power, mother, grandmother, great
Maybeline Latin familiar form of Mabel
Maysa Arabic walks with a proud stride
Mazel Hebrew lucky
Mead, Meade Greek honey wine
Meagan Irish alternate form of Megan
Meaghan Welsh form of Megan
Meara Irish mirthful
Meda Native American prophet, priestess
Medea Greek, Latin ruling, middle
Medora Greek mother's gift
Megan Greek, Irish pearl, great, form of Margaret
Meghan Welsh form of Megan
Melanie Greek dark skinned
Melantha Greek dark flower
Melba Greek, Latin soft, slender, mallow flower
Mele Hawaiian song, poem
Melesse Ethiopian eternal
Melia German short form of Amelia
Melina Latin, Greek canary yellow, short form of Melinda
Melinda Greek honey
Meliora Latin better
Melisande French form of Melissa or Millicent
Melissa Greek honey bee
Melita Greek, Spanish alternate form of Melissa or Carmela
Melonie American alternate form of Melanie
Melody Greek melody
Melosa Spanish sweet, tender
Melvina Irish armored chief
Mercedes Latin, Spanish reward, payment, merciful
Mercy English compassionate, merciful
Meredith Welsh protector of the sea
Meriel Irish shining sea
Merle Latin, French blackbird
Merry English cheerful, happy
Meryl German, Irish famous, shining sea
Mia Italian mine
Michaela Hebrew who is like God
Michele Italian form of Michaela
Michelle French who is like God
Michi Japanese righteous way
Midori Japanese green
Mignon French cute, graceful
Mikaela Hebrew alternate form of Michaela
Milada Czech my love
Milagros Spanish miracle
Mildred English gentle counselor
Milia German industrious, form of Amelia or Emily
Miliani Hawaiian caress
Millicent Greek, English alternate form of Melissa, industrious
Mina German, Persian, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese love, blue sky, born in the lunar month of Pisces, harbor, south
Minda Hindi knowledge
Mindy Greek familiar form of Melinda
Minerva Latin wise
Minette French faithful defender
Mira Latin, Spanish wonderful, look, gaze
Mirabel Latin beautiful
Miranda Latin strange, wonderful, admirable
Mireil Hebrew, Latin God spoke, wonderful
Miriam Hebrew bitter, sea of bitterness
Misty English shrouded by mist
Moira Irish great, form of Mary
Molly Irish familiar form of Mary
Mona Greek, Irish short form of Monica or Ramona, noble
Monica Greek, Latin solitary, advisor
Monique French form of Monica
Montana Spanish mountain
Mora Spanish blueberry
Morela Polish apricot
Morgan Welsh seashore
Moriah Hebrew, French God is my teacher, dark skinned
Morrisa Latin dark skinned, moor, marshland
Moselle Hebrew, French drawn from the water, white wine
Muriel Arabic, Irish myrrh, shining sea
Myla English merciful
Myra Latin fragrant ointment
Myrna Irish beloved
Myrtle Greek dark green shrub

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